Message to MPB’s Valued Customers
From President and CEO Stephen P. Haggard

As the coronavirus public health emergency enters its second week, Metro Phoenix Bank is working hard to ensure that our customers’ needs are being met during this time of uncertainty.  Our offices remain open and our staff remains committed to doing its best to deliver consistent banking services in a challenging environment.  We are all in this unprecedented state of emergency together, yet, in our effort to protect the health of employees and clients, we recommend visiting the Bank by appointment only, utilizing online/mobile banking options, or taking advantage of our night drop window.

The capital and liquidity positions of the Bank are exceptionally strong and we are still in the business of lending; “We are not closing the curtain on loans”.  However, please remain patient and realize that our first priority will be to ensure existing borrowers directly impacted by the coronavirus public health emergency receive the appropriate consideration for relief.   Fortunately, several banking agencies and the Small Business Administration (SBA) have already issued guidance to banks regarding temporary relief programs and initiatives.  We believe that this collaborative public/private effort will have the quickest and most effective impact on small-to mid-sized businesses.  

Rest assured that Metro Phoenix Bank will continue to work with our customers in a prudent manner to maximize the benefit of these programs. 

As a proud member of the local community, Metro Phoenix Bank is only successful if our local business community sustains themselves through this crisis and thrives once again.  We will remain staffed to meet your needs and if there are ways that we can support your business during this difficult time, please reach out to us and let’s work together on a solution. 

Stephen P. Haggard
President & CEO     



Serving our community has always been a top priority for Metro Phoenix Bank. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) health concerns have escalated, Metro Phoenix Bank (MPB) continues to take precautions to protect its customers and employees. In addition to monitoring the situation closely, MPB has:

Instituted a special management team to swiftly disseminate any new developments or procedures to staff and customers.
    -  Heightened its daily cleaning regiments throughout the branch, meeting rooms, and offices.
    -  Postponed business travel functions and cancellation of events
    -  Updated the Bank’s Pandemic Program to ensure relevance with current health concerns
    -  Continued to maintain a robust Business Continuity Plan to ensure no disruption to business-critical services

As COVID-19 developments occur, be assured Metro Phoenix Bank will update plans and procedures to safeguard customers and staff while maintaining security and services.

For customers who are choosing to minimize possible exposure, we offer a number of ways to accommodate you. These include online banking, a night deposit box (which can be used anytime), and telephone, rather than in person, meetings. Please contact us for more information about any of these.



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