HOA Services

Metro Phoenix Bank offers specialty financial solutions for management companies, self-managed Homeowners Associations and Master Communities. At Metro Phoenix Bank, we understand you want the best for your community and so do we. Whether you're looking for solutions for your management company or your self-managed community, we can provide the support and financial services to best fit your communities' needs. Our philosophy is simple, be a financially strong community institution, offer innovative banking products, and provide exceptional customer service.

In addition, give your community and boards the satisfaction of banking locally by partnering with a fellow Arizona based business. When you bank with Metro Phoenix your investment stays in Arizona!

Contact Metro Phoenix Bank's HOA Department today to develop a full-service banking relationship or to learn about our investment options for your community.

Online Banking & Cash Management Services

  • Access to accounts 24-7
  • Manage accounts, view check images, transfer funds, schedule Bill Payments, stop payments, initiate ACH transactions and wire transfers
  • Ability to access multiple community accounts under one profile


  • Simplify your monthly reconciliation
  • Hassle-free statement retrieval
  • Easy enrollment

Local Lockbox Processing

  • Local Phoenix based lockbox processing
  • Importable daily payment files customized to fit your accounting software
  • Payments are processed same day as received
  • Virtual Lockbox allows items received at your office to be converted into importable payment files

Merchant Capture Scanning

  • Allows for easy payment processing in the comfort of your own office
  • Receive credit quickly with "Real Time" processing
  • Offers speed, savings, convenience and security
  • No additional software to purchase, install or maintenance
  • Improves efficiency and profitability
  • Access to transaction history, activity and deposits

Deposit Accounts

  • Easy account opening process
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Waived monthly account service fees
  • Expanded FDIC Insurance through Insured Cash Sweep (ICS). Metro Phoenix Bank is excited to be a member of the Promontory Network and through their ICS service, we can offer our customers the ability to access multi-million dollar FDIC insurance and to earn interest on funds placed into demand deposit accounts and/or money market deposit accounts. ICS allows our customers to:
    • Rest assured - Funds deposited using ICS have access to multi-million dollar FDIC insurance
    • Enjoy access to funds - The ICS demand option allows unlimited program withdrawals while the ICS savings option allows six program withdrawals per month.
    • Earn a return - Put excess cash balances to work using the ICS demand option, the ICS savings option or both.


Additional Services:

  • Personal & Local Account Representative
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Courier Service
  • Software Integrations
  • HOA Lending
    • Experienced HOA Lenders
    • Local Decision Making
    • Competitive Interest Rates with Flexible Terms
    • Custom Loan Structures


 Ready to start your new banking relationship? Contact our HOA Team today!
(602) 346-1824 or HOASupport@metrophoenixbank.com



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