About Us

Access to local experts who want to help your business grow. That’s the MPB difference. Metro Phoenix Bank is in business because of small businesses. Since the Bank’s inception, we have lent close to $200 million to small businesses and are committed to helping our community thrive even more. Unlike large national and regional banks that take deposits out of the local community then lend into other markets, we survive by infusing local deposits into the community through various loan products and services.

MPB Vision

Management’s mission is for the Bank to be a well-managed, profitable commercial bank servicing the banking needs of businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Other banks in the Phoenix area continue to pursue retail banking opportunities based on market conditions and population influx. With an abundance of local “money center” banks and credit unions to handle these market needs, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on commercial and real estate customers, lending opportunities and by building banking relationships.


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